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I believe that the first years of a child’s life is critical to the development of a positive, self-confident, capable learner who will later go on to become a competent, happy, and successful adult. I also believe that a clean, safe, nurturing, high quality, developmentally appropriate environment outside of the home can be beneficial to most children. The needs of the whole child must be taken into account and these needs fall into the domains of cognitive, physical, emotional, and social. I believe that addressing these areas along with helping to develop positive attitudes towards learning will ultimately enhance self-esteem and overall well being.

Program and Standards

My program integrates each child’s needs, interests, and abilities and focuses on the whole child. A multi-sensory approach is used to introduce each child to his environment. Activities are planned to incorporate all five senses and are presented with the idea of an emergent curriculum that keeps flexibility and the interest of the child in mind. We make every effort to offer a stimulating yet safe environment that encourages learning. Our day revolves around a balance of quiet and active activities, taking into consideration the developmental needs and schedules of individual children. All children are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of pursuits depending on their age including dramatic play, music and movement, arts and crafts, story time and language arts, and large and small muscle activities. We try to post Monthly Activity Plans posted on the Parent Information Bulletin Board or in our lesson plan book. We follow the State of Oregon guidelines for Family Day Care group homes and meet or exceed standards in all areas. I am a member of the NAEYC (National Association of the Education of Young Children,) OAEYC, NAFD (National Association

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What sets us apart? We offer personalized care for your little ones. I believe continuity of care is very important to young children’s emotional make-up.

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